Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Let us handle your administrative business activities. Reduce operating expenses by assigning responsibility for financial and administrative processes, human resources functions, and payroll to Waymakers and our partners. Reallocate the tasks of an employee, a workgroup, or an entire department to lower internal costs, transfer risk, offload compliance, and eliminate liability with no disruption in operations that are at the heart of your company.

PEO / Employee Leasing Consulting

We work with some of the Leading Co-Employment Partners, let us work with you to help connect you with a partner that meets your needs. No fee to you, Paid by PEO
  • Determine internal cost of processing employees
  • Identify potential PEO’s and handle the bidding process and presentations.
  • Coordinate the implementation and service delivery
  • Coordinate the verification method for tax payments

Case Study


Client M. had 82 employees operating in four states. Client M was receiving penalties for non-compliance and late payment of taxes. Client M was also having issues controlling workers compensation cost across the four states. Client M did not have the internal resources to successfully handle these issues accurately and timely.


Client M. transferred 67 employees to Waymakers Solutions as our employees. Waymakers set up and maintains Workers Compensation insurance in the four states. Waymakers also assumes full responsibility for all federal, state, and local payroll taxes and handles compliance with the Affordable Care Act.


Client M. saved $67,000, no longer has the risk associated with 67 employees, and is free from exposure due to non-compliance.